Posted on: October 14, 2008 12:22 pm

Bengals to Hell in a Handbasket.

So, our season is absolutely sunk at this point as Bengals fans.  It's been a rough couple of week. Fortunately I had to work last weekend so I got to miss the mess with Brett Favre and the Jets.  At least I played the match-up with Thomas Jones and that paid off (I still lost by one point... I have been getting seriously unlucky match-ups.  I almost lead the league in total points but I'm still 2-4.  I've had to put up more than 100 points each week in order to win and even lost one with with 102... F'n A.) So, having the Bengals being so awful, and having Carson Palmer with problems I thought it was appropriate that the Week 7 Mayhem Question regarded how you would change your team this week for the immediate and future.  Here was my response:

If I were the GM, I would bring in Daunte Culpepper to play the remainder of the season in place of Carson Palmer.  Palmer's injury is such that extended rest would do him well and rushing him back right now is pointless considering we have no chance at the playoffs.  We don't have a guy behind him that is worth anything, and Daunte will more than likely play his heart out for anyone who gives him another chance.

At the same time, I would get rid of Chris Perry and bring in Shaun Alexander.  In a RBBC running scheme, Alexander and Cedric Benson would make a solid one two punch, especially with Alexander being able to teach the younger Benson a thing or two.  Chris Perry is just too ineffective at the positive and coughs up the ball too much.  Having that veteran presence would be priceless.  Plus, again, Alexander would play his heart out for someone who gave him a chance.

Next, I would trade Chad Johnson for another first round draft pick.  This way we could get two quality starting players in the upcoming draft.  We might even be able to get a later round pick for him as well.  This is definitely a build for the future move and considering we need a better offensive line, more defense and possibly a future franchise QB, we'll need all the picks we can get.

There really isn't much we can do to salvage this year but salvaging the future is something we can start right now.  The main thing is keeping Carson healthy.  If he gets damaged much more we could lose him forever, effectively putting us in the same situation as the Falcons of last year.  So far they have gotten lucky with Matt Ryan and I don't think we'd pick up a QB in the draft that we could franchise out of the gate.  More than likely we'll need someone we can work with behind Carson Palmer the same we he apprenticed under John Kitna.

Beyond our immediate QB situation, as you can see, I think Chad Johnson is expendable.  More than likely he is trying to pull the football version of Manny Ramirez, and tanking himself to get traded.  At this point, getting rid of him is the best option for the team.  Not only would it get that plague of a mouth out of the locker-room, but we could start to bring up our "heralded" waste of draft picks at the WR position, in Jerome Simpson.  We need to give T.J. the shot as the #1 anyways because the guy has played well enough to warrant that. 

As for our RB situation, anything we do right now is merely a temporary fix.  Either this draft or the next we will need to get ourself a first round guy.  It's too bad we missed out on last years class with guys like Steve Slaton, Matt Forte, Tim Hightower, et al.  Hopefully we'll get lucky and get someone along the lines of Forte that could work with Alexander and really get a solid running game going.  The veteran status of Alexander would be invaluable for a young guy. 

I guess that's all I've got right now... I am just looking to the future because there is nothing else to do with this team right now except wait for our first win...
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